pain point:

i use my google search box as a shortcut to the web. atleast 95% of my queries are things i know where to find and might have even used them in the past but too lazy to goto site and browse to that link. Lets take a simple example, i want to see the imdb rating of dark knight so that i can decide whether i should buy the dvd or not.

case 1:

  • goto
  • search for dark knight
  • click on the search results and open the movie page

case 2:

  • search for “imdb dark knight” in my search box in browser
  • click on the search results and open the movie page

so normal method is 3 step. using google search is 2 steps. can we make it 1?


enter split search.

the above is what you see when you search for “imdb dark knight” on split search. the screen is split into two columns with left hand side showing the actual search results and right side opens up the first result so that you can directly see the info you want. so 1 step search now :).

how to use:

click here and try out the search. if you like it, you can directly add it to your browser (almost all supported) by clicking on “add to browser”.

technologies used: